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Tech Forms manual
Application for additional equipment and service
Equipment and technical service price may change depending on the order date:
  • Up to 9 September there is reduced price
  • After 13 September we accept orders no more
  • Orders made onsite during exhibition set­up are subject to late order surcharge and onlyavailable in agreement with technical manager
Please fill the name of the company, contact person, phone number and e-mail
Exhibitor`s contact information
Standard equipment of equipped stand
Carpet, table, 2 chairs, 1 spot light, 1 plug socket, wall coat rack, waste bin
Fascia panel name
Technical service and equipment
Item Unit Price Q-ty Total
1Daily stand vacuum cleaning (per sqm for exhibition period)sqm.120
6Electrical switchbox 220/380Vpcs.1224
Water connection
7Exhibitor’s water-supply tank filling inside the pavillion up to 5cub.m.pcs.2598
9Water connection inside the pavillionpcs.3528
11Internet 1 Mbit/s (wired patchcord, rj-45 connector)pcs.3120
12Internet 5 Mbit/s (wired patchcord, rj-45 connector)pcs.4560
Graphic works
13Fascia panel name (additiona symbols)pcs.102
14Logo on a fascia panelpcs.828
15Logo / graphic workspcs.936
16Wall laminating with self-adhesive films 1 colorsqm.468
17Delaying the client`s full-color printingsqm.408
18Full-color printingsqm.828
19Carpet greysqm.540
20Carpet bluesqm.540
21Carpet redsqm.540
22Carpet greensqm.540
Stand constructions
23Wall panel, white 100х250 cmpcs.636
24Wall panel, white 50х250 cmpcs.564
25Wall panel, white diagonal 140х250 cmpcs.780
26Wall panel, white diagonal 70х250 cmpcs.624
27Wall panel, white radial 1/4 R=100x250 cmpcs.1062
28Wall panel, white radial 1/4 R=50x250 cmpcs.708
29Wall panel plexy glass 100х250 cmpcs.2580
30Wall panel plexy glass 50х250 cmpcs.1440
31Wall panel glass and plastic 100x250 cm (base 70, glass 140 cm)pcs.1164
32Wall panel glass and plastic 50x250 cm (base 70, glass 140 cm)pcs.816
33Blinds 50x200 cmpcs.408
34Blinds 100x200 cmpcs.564
35Folding door, lockable 100 x 250 cmpcs.1560
36Hinged door, lockable 100 x 250 cmpcs.2064
37Curtain 100 x 250 cmpcs.414
38Wall skeleton made of pillars and profiles per 1 m2pcs.324
41Fascia panel 30(h)* cm (inscription to be ordered by the Form 3)run.m480
Advertisment constructions (cub, cylinder, ellipse)
42Element “Tower” 100х100х100(h)* cm, white plasticpcs.1800
43Element “Tower” 100х100х100(h)* cm, lightboxpcs.2880
44Element “Cylinder” R=50х100(h)* cm, white plasticpcs.1920
45Element “Cylinder” R=50х100(h)* cm, lightboxpcs.2760
46Element “Ellipse” 140х60х100(h)* cm, white plasticpcs.2760
47Element “Ellipse” 140х60х100(h)* cm, lightboxpcs.3240
48Soft chairpcs.360
49Bar stoolpcs.468
50Table square (75х75 cm)pcs.420
51Table round (diameter 80 cm)pcs.408
52Table rectangular (75х120 cm)pcs.660
53Table bar (bistro) high (diameter 60 cm)pcs.864
54Coat rack, hangingpcs.336
55Coat rack free standing pcs.468
Shelves, literature holders
56Shelf on a wall, wooden / additional shelf to shelf-unitpcs.420
57Shelf on a wall, glass / additional shelf to showcasespcs.552
58Literature holder, free standingpcs.792
Shelf units, cupboards
593-shelf unit 100х50х250 cmpcs.1956
603-shelf unit 50х50х250 cmpcs.1500
61Cupboard with sliding doors 100х50, h=70; 100 cmpcs.1536
62Podium 100х100, h=50; 70; 100 cmpcs.1440
63Podium 100х50, h=50; 70; 100 cmpcs.1260
64Podium 50х50, h=50; 70; 100 cmpcs.1044
65Podium triangular 100х100, h=50; 70; 100 cmpcs.1308
66Podium triangular 50х50, h=50; 70; 100 cmpcs.1032
67Podium radial with two radiuses R100, r50, h=100 cmpcs.1500
68Podium radial R100, h=50; 70, 100 cmpcs.1500
69Podium radial R50, h=50; 70; 100 cmpcs.1560
70Infocounter 100х50, 100 cmpcs.1500
71Infocounter 50х50, 100 cmpcs.1320
72Infocounter 100х100, 100 cmpcs.2100
73Infocounter radial with two radiuses R100, r50, h=100 cmpcs.2160
74Infocounter radial R100, h=100 cmpcs.1980
75Infocounter radial R50, h=100 cmpcs.1416
76Infocounter triangular 100х100, h=100 cmpcs.1560
77Infocounter triangular 50х50, h=100 cmpcs.1260
Showcases (without locks, plinth open)
78Showcase short 100х50, h=100 cmpcs.1680
79Showcase short 100х100, h=100 cmpcs.1920
80Showcase short 50х50, h=100 cmpcs.1440
83Showcase short radial R100, h=100 cmpcs.1860
84Showcase short radial R50, h=100 cmpcs.1920
85Showcase short with two radiuses R100, r50, h=100(h) cmpcs.2088
86Showcase tall 100х50, h=250 cmpcs.2760
87Showcase tall 100х100, h=250 cmpcs.3060
88Showcase tall 50х50, h=250 cmpcs.2520
89Showcase tall radial R100, h=250 cm pcs.5436
90Showcase tall radial R50, h=250 cmpcs.3300
91Showcase tall radial with two radiuses R100, r50, h=250 cmpcs.4368
92Sliding doors for showcases (glass or wooden)pcs.360
93Lock for showcase or cupboardpcs.132
94Wall fixation for suspending exhibitspcs.96
Kitchen utensils
95Refrigerator incl. 24hr. plug pcs.2160
96Clear water. Hot and cold water dispenser 500W incl 1 bottle of water 19l.pcs.1800
97Additional bottle of waterpcs.384
Audio, Video, Multimedia equipment
99Plasma screen 50" (with fixation)pcs.4680
100TV fixation wall mountedpcs.1116
Electrical equipment, lighting
101Spotlight LED 100 Wpcs.816
102LED lamp on arm 30 Wpcs.492
103LED lamp 50 Wpcs.660
104LED lamp on arm 50 Wpcs.816
105LED lamp 30 Wpcs.480
106Plug socket standart 220V, 50Hz, 6Apcs.540
1073 phase Plug socket 380V, 10kW (5 pin)pcs.5100
108Suspension in pavilion 1 (construction weight below 20 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint3420
109Suspension in pavilion 1 (construction weight more than 20 kg and less than 100 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint6840
110Suspension in pavilion 1 (construction weight more than 100 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint10260
111Suspension in pavilion 2 (construction weight below 20 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint4020
112Suspension in pavilion 2 (construction weight more than 20 kg and less than 100 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint8040
113Suspension in pavilion 2 (construction weight more than 100 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint12060
114Suspension in pavilion 4 (construction weight below 20 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint3240
115Suspension in pavilion 4 (construction weight more than 20 kg and less than 100 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint6480
116Suspension in pavilion 4 (construction weight more than 100 kg), per a connection point to the venue ceilingpoint9720
117Winch rentalpcs.1344
118Warehouse Arena (1sq.m for the exhibition period)*sqm.864
Total (with VAT): uah
Type of stand, sizes, color of carpet
Corner`s fascias
Place the chosen equipment on the stand scheme
Type of view:
from center, m:
Text R
Logotype R
Plug socket 220V
LED lamp 30W
Coat rack
Table (d80)
Table (75х75)
Soft chair
Fascia panel
Panel r50
Panel r100
Panel 70
Panel 140
Panel 50
Panel 100
Beam 5
Beam 17
Rack 250
Rack 98
Rack 38
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