Exclusive stand construction from organizer

Why us?

The advantages you get working with us:               

Technical services:
  • electricity supply and consumption;
  • daily stand cleaning;
  • parking lots;
  • internet line (for stands of 40sqm or more).

Construction support:
  • complex approach , cooperation with only one company on all organizational issues , related to exhibition preparation;
  • 100% guarantee of stand delivery in time;
  • prompt solution of any issues during the set up period and exhibition , as the managers of our company are always onsite at the exhibition centre.

Marketing services:
  • placement of the company logo on the exhibition web site;
  • placement of the company logo on the exhibition floorplan at the entrances of exhibition centre;
  • placement of the company logo in the aisle , in front of the stand (for stands of 60sqm or more.).

Budget optimization:
  • flexible pricing;
  • discounts are provided in case of early confirmation of the project;
  • free stand design;
  • reduced price for suspension points, water supply and consumption.

We are trusted

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