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Application for additional equipment and service
Equipment and technical service price may change depending on the order date:
  • Up to 2 September there is reduced price
  • After 16 September we accept orders no more
  • Orders made onsite during exhibition set­up are subject to late order surcharge and onlyavailable in agreement with technical manager
Please fill the name of the company, contact person, phone number and e-mail
Exhibitor`s contact information
Technical service and equipment
Item Unit Price Q-ty Total
Temporary personnel
1Stand interpreter from Ukrainian (Russian) to 1 European (person per a day)*pr/day168.0
2Stand attendant*pr/day132.0
6Electricity for outdoor space 220V, 3kW pcs.264.0
7Electricity for outdoor space 380V, 10kWpcs.342.0
8Electrical switchbox 220/380Vpcs.60.0
Water connection
10Exhibitor’s water-supply tank filling outside the pavillion up to 5cub.m.pcs.180.0
12Water connection outside the pavillionpcs.300.0
Total: Euro
Stand constructor information (for space only sites)
For space only sites: you must send the name of your stand builder incl. contact details to Premier Expo as soon as you receive this information